About Jürgen

I´m a Nature and Travel Photographer from Austria. The intention of my work is to capture great and unique landscapes, moments of travel and the fascination of adventures. Sometimes I ignore the calls of the big icons and wander on my own path to experience something special.

Mostly I explore the northern regions like Scandinavia, Iceland or Alaska. I´m hooked by the wild landscape, the quiet and remote areas of the north. I love the vegetation, the climate and the life up there. Just everything!

For me and what I do, a photograph alone is never enough. It´s the process and the way to the final image, that´s important for me. Sometimes more important than the photograph itself.

I need the whole story, how I got the image, how I traveled, where I slept. Am I hiked for hours, was it freezing cold or hot, was it dangerous? Some photographs are more memorable than others, these photographs have usually the more interesting story.

I always try to live for the moment and to be honest, it´s not always easy. As a Nature photographer you always look for the best light, you plan and you scout for the best locations. Often you struggle and I always ask myself – is it enough? But the more you struggle the more happier you are when you succeed.

Photography was never intended to show reality, because it can´t. Photography was always there to visualize the feeling of the photographer at the moment he took the photo.

When I´m back from a trip the last step of the whole process starts in my office – post processing.

I want to keep my photographs as real as possible but I also want to convey my vision of the moment as I was there, how I discovered it. I don´t use any Photoshop technics like cloning or retouching. Everything is done in Lightroom which gives me all I need like HDR or Panorama Stitch, to fulfill my vision.

“If you want to shoot more interesting photographs, become a more interesting person“ Jay Maisel